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"Drip,drip,drip." Went the sound of the rain that was left in the gutter. after the bad thunder storm that had ripped through the  neighborhood. Tiffany stared out the window into the dark night. The moon barley slipping out of the grip of the dark storm clouds. She sighed as she looked around at her friends that had came over tonight for her party. She pushed her black hair out of her face, and behind her ear.  She smiles at her friends that were staring at her for an answer. "The storm is passing. So now its okay, but I don't know how long the lights will be out." She told them. She walked over to her best friend Susan , and sat beside her. She leans her head on her shoulder. "This party is awful. Whats next? We find a Wigi board and summon a Evil ghost." Tiffany says in a mocking tone. Susan looks at her, and says ." Don't worry I bet it's going to perk up anytime now." She smiles at Tiffany. her features lifting. Even in the darkness you could see her amber colored eyes. Tiffany smiled back at her. She looked out to her other friends that had came, and had to think of something for them to do. 
"Okay people. I have  game we can play, and I know you all know it." Rosie raised her small hand. " Truth, or Dare?" she asked curiously. Tiffany shakes her head. " No. Hide ,and seek in the dark." She hears Veronica groan. She shoots a death glare at her. Her blue eyes narrowed at Veronica. "Since your the only one that objects you can be the one that goes and counts in the closet." Tiffany points to the closet at the far end of the hallway. Veronica stood up with her hand son her hips. " Fine, but you better hide. If I find you.. Well you'll see." She walked off to the closet door, and slides in quietly. Tiffany grabs a blanket, and takes off down to her room. She hears the faint running of feet on the concrete floor., and the sound of soft giggles as the other girls took another person with them. She heard the sound of "Ready, or not. Here I come." It didn't sound like Veronica thought I sounded harsh, and cruel. She felt her stomach tighten with fear at the sound. She heard a sudden scream that made her blood go cold. She heard Veronica say. " Found you." The sound of laughter , then it was suddenly cut off. A loud thud sounded thought the house.  She felt her stomach turn into more knots. She kept hearing the sound of thudding over and over again. Finally she heard a scream. It wasn't a short scream of fear. It was a long scream of agony. It was quickly cut off by a sickening crack of something being snapped in half. She heard footsteps right by her door. She her Veronica say. " Ready ,or Not Here I Come." Tiffany felt someone grab her ankles. She let out a scream. She was flipped onto her back. She looked up and saw that Veronica didn't look like Veronica. She looked like the monsters you see in a horror movie. Her eyes a Bright yellow. You could see the gleam of big white canins. Veronica gave her a grusome smile. It looked more like a snarl, then a smirk. Veronica said in the most cruel voice that could make your skin crawl. " Found you." Then Tiffany let out a blood curtling scream. that was cut off . A second later the lights came back on, and the front door open. Veronica stepped out with a smile on her lips. She looks at you and says. "Better hide because your next. Ready or not Here I come." 

Don't make a girl do what she doesn't want to do, because she will get back at you.
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July 10, 2013
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Mature Content